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Irvine, Ca 92617

Beauty & Brains


Tri Delta academics are a top priority at the collegiate level. We take pride in our educational accomplishments and continue to strive for higher endeavors as a chapter, currently holding the highest chapter GPA among Panhellenic . Tri Delta consistently has been above the All Sorority Average, the All Women’s Average, the All Greek Average, and the All Undergraduate Average. In addition to the high academic achievements within our chapter, many sisters are a part of on-campus groups, clubs, and honor societies – many holding Executive positions! 


We have several scholarship programs including study hours at our house and on campus, Delta Dollars auction, Scholar Letters, and Smarty Panties. Additionally our chapter holds an annual event called Apple Polishing every spring, where we invite professors and university staff to our house for a networking event. Apple Polishing gives our sisters a special opportunity to interact with our professors on a personal level. During the dessert, we recognize our highest scholars for their commitment to their education.

2018 Order of Omega Vice President: Talia Hattub

2018 Order of Omega Treasurer: Kaitie Savage

2018 Order of Omega Events Chair: Natalie Handelsman

2018 Order of Omega Secretary: Kayla Podd

2017 Order of Omega President: Jessika Guerrero 

2017 Order of Omega Treasurer: Jenna Scriven

Honorable Awards and Recognitions:

2017 Sarah Ida Shaw Award Winner: Arwa Tizani

2017 Beta Upsilon Scholarship Winner: Candela Mirat

2017 Greek Award - Excellence in Philanthropy

2017 Greek Award - Excellence in Ritual

2017 Greek Award - Excellence in New Member Education

2017 Greek Award - Outstanding Sophomore: Jessica Leyva

2017 Greek Award - Outstanding Chapter President: Catherine Cocheteux

2017 Greek Award - Chancellors Cup for Overall Chapter Excellence

2017 Order of Omega President: Catherine Cocheteux

2016 Newport Harbor Daphne Award: Catherine Cocheteux 

2016 Aeberhand Memorial Award Winner: Grace Leekley 

2016 Beta Upsilon Scholarship Winner: Haley Chaney

2016 Greek Week Executive Board Chair: Dominique Mendoza

2016 Greek Week Executive Board Promotions Chair: Alejandra Lopez 

2016 UC Irvine's Panhellenic Board Members (names withheld for Recruitment)

2016 UC Irvine's Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors (names withheld for Recruitment)  

2016 Greek Award – Excellence in Membership Recruitment

2016 Greek Award - Excellence in Risk Management

2016 Greek Award - Excellence in Living Your Ritual

2016 Greek Award - Outstanding Chapter President: Sierra Matthias

2016 Order of Omega President: Catherine Cocheteux

2015 Summer Orientation Staffer: Dominique Mendoza

2015: Greek Week Board: Dominique Mendoza

2015 Eve Woods Riley UIFI Scholarship Winner:  Dominique Mendoza

2015 Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society: Lauren Widger

2015 Beta Upsilon Scholarship Winner: Sabrina Hughes

2015 UC Irvine’s Panhellenic Council Judiciary Board: Alyssa Grogan 

2015 UC Irvine’s Panhellenic Recruitment Counselors (names withheld for Recruitment)

2015 UC Irvine’s Panhellenic Board Members (names withheld for Recruitment)

2015 Delta Delta Delta Foundation Recipient – Second Century Scholarship: Rachel Proud (Alum ’13)

2015 University of California, Irvine’s Dynamic Woman Awards Nominee: Pamela Esquivel 

2015 Greek Awards – Sister Sorority Award